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Our Mission at Wear It Again, Sam is to accept excellent quality clothing for resale, maximizing compensation to consignors while giving customers exceptional value all in a friendly, welcoming environment. 

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Our Story

In April of 1990 on the backside of the Circle S Plaza, Wear It Again, Sam was born. Founder Janis Jones lucked out when traffic was redirected due to road construction past her barely visible new store (traffic that would've otherwise missed her store). In 1992, she hired a particular "after school girl" to help with things around the store.  Little did she know, that same shy girl would become her right hand and would later be named store manager.  Over the years, Wear It Again, Sam took this idea of "recycling clothing" to a new level as they began to take over additional suites in the complex, adding much needed space to the sales floor, a total of 4000 square foot today.  We make resale shopping feel like a boutique experience.  It's truly that simple. 

Janis continued to work at her shop until the fall of 2009 when her health forced her into retiring.  She knew that she could trust her store to her managers, Tara (who had worked for her since 1992) and Catherine (who came on in 1998, is now assistant manager) to run her store the way she always had.  Jan was a very savvy business woman and just like she had always hoped, passed her business onto her store manager Tara in April of 2016.  A few short months later, Janis passed away.

We will continue on in her legacy, running Wear It Again, Sam on the principles of business and excellent customer service she always taught us.  For our amazing customers and consignors, we promise you, we will only continue to try to improve our store and the services we can provide for you.

My blood, sweat, and tears have been a part of this store for the past 25 years, and I am SO incredibly honored to have been given the opportunity to continue her dream, this thing we built together, along with so many great employees throughout the years.  Rest in peace, Jan.. We got this...

 ---- Owner Tara Morgan 



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